The first stage of filmmaking where the idea for the project is born. From selecting the story, creating the treatment/outline, to developing a concise and clear business plan, all the proper steps needed to shift into Pre Production. We can save you time and money.

What We Do

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Every step of creation is carefully designed and planned. Launching a Production Company, bringing on the Director to pre-visualize, drawing up a production budget, creating the storyboards, and hiring the essential key personnel. Even casting is part of this process. We can show you how to have a smooth takeoff before shooting.


Lights, Camera, ACTION!!! This is where all the elements come together to shoot/capture what’s written in the script. Securing locations with permits and insurance, hiring or firing crew and cast, renting any/all latest HD or film gear. Getting everything from the page, onto the stage and Post-Production ready.

Post Production

In the cutting room is where the film is actually made and more now than ever, the most expensive phase of film making. Putting all the pieces together to maintain the integrity of the story and add visual effects to enhance the look. Music and sound are part of this process as well.


Know your audience. Who are you making your movie for? Film Festivals: what they are and what they aren’t. How to approach/pursue them, how to prepare when you get in, and what to expect when you attend and afterwards — so you have maximum exposure for your audience.


Distribution outlets for feature-length and short films; the short as calling card. Developing and setting  up your first feature: what are the ways to make it happen?. Becoming self distributors, market yourself FROM NOW. How to promote yourself in the early stages. How to speak professionally to film professionals. Always be a step ahead of the game. Dress for the part you want, not the part you  have. Tips on how to Stand out!